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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

API-centric page and data separation for CCK

The Content Connection Kit architecture is such the  pages and data are separate. The developer or site owner can create  content  by  first   setting a  container and it's data as a visual page.  They may then delete the container and leave the data.  This means the data can be accessed via a web service query and presented as json or xml for consumption by others.  The same is true for the forms and fields. A field can set for a  content type for user input.  If the field is later deleted  the developer may leave the data in the system so any query calls to the services API's may access the data.

In other words data is parented to the visual presentation of pages and can be orphaned from it. The content is not contained or linked to a  field, only referenced and is not destroyed when a page presenter is removed.  Data is deleted explicitly not implicitly. This is what makes CCK different from a Content Management system. The architecture is API-centric working like a framework and not totally wrapped in visual entities.

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