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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The future of content management

The future of  content management  is not in  monolithic full stack systems and frameworks. Many talk about the enterprise readiness of their code but not many talk about the implications of using enterprise level code and it's effect on you and your company. The future of content management is for software to have as low a cost impact that can be attained by  following these guidelines.

Integration over repetition

CCK is designed with integration with other systems in mind.  The module extension system is  light  and architecture shallow to make it easier to write push-pull  APIs from external  websites.  The openness of  the system architecture means integration with  popular internet gardens like  Facebook and Twitter is trivial. Your website does not have to be or beat the larger sites just connect to them and take advantage of  their software services.

Build anything not be everything

CCK comes with a  basic set of  modules needed to provide the most important functions but not more. There is no repository of  hundreds or thousands of extensions to choose from as CCK is not trying to be a one-size-fits-all CMS. CCK is designed for prototyping a web application or website quickly and requires a minimal of time and resources by knowledgeable PHP programmers. This allows clients to  use their resources to hire people to build to their requirements. Saving money on experts in tearing down systems only to build them up again in the needed form. Think of  it as plastic building blocks versus 3D  printing.


Responsive mobile first  layouts are the standard for the web today. But a future foward system is not one that attempts to provide fully finished presentations to all.  Because no  matter how beautiful the theme or useful the layout that is purchased or given a certain amount of custom work is always necessary to make it fit your requirements. This is why CCK comes with a single responsive theme that can be modified to suit. Rather than creating dozens of similar themes. Efforts are put in to making the template system easy to use while maintaining flexibility for customization by designers and front-end architects.

Separation of  Management and Presentation

CCK is not a system for that will provide design and layout features to content writers. The future of
content management is for systems to only manage content and leave the presentation of the content to the design and web structure. HTML should not be stored and does not have to be.  The most successful internet gardens like Twitter and Facebook have gotten along just fine without WYSIWYG editors.  Website builders that support HTML5 and responsive design can make it possible for  second layer  content  management systems that are free of the complexities that occur when a system tries to be all for all. It is for these reasons CCK does not try to be a  yesteryear CMS and a site building tool.

Flexible licensing

The days and time of copy left licensing is over.  Everyone should admit  that and accept the fact that there are better ways to protect  intellectual property and rights of developers. CCK is proprietary at the core but all extensions and  derivatives are open to be sold and distributed as new products. Open source should not mean being forced to give up a competitive advantage by handing over  your hard work to others without compensation.

Demo ready

You never have to request a demonstration of  CCK or go to some special website for a showing .  CCK is so light and easy to maintain that having a demo of it's features online is trivial. Installation is simple and the requirements so little that CCK can be run on any up-to-date shared host.

Affordable prices

The quality of software is not  determined by it's price.  Just as it's worth is not the same for everyone.  If this were true the best software would always be unaffordable to most while the worst  software would always be free. FHQK Universal  provides a  scaled pricing scheme to everyone. Pay us what you believe the software is worth to you or your company.

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