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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rise of the Food Machines

Just as they did with the automobile industry automation and robots are changing the 700 billion dollar food services industry. The internet of things is probably in the news more but it is still decades away. What's happening today in the life of every one is a graceful  return to automation replacing unskilled labor and distribution in the restaurant and food services industry. Just recently the Mc Donald' Restaurant chain has come in to the spotlight for it's attempted replacement of minimum wage counter workers with  sophisticated automation.

10 Reasons not to hire a Rockstar Programmer

There is this constant search for  "Rockstar" developers.  Maybe it's just a myth based in trendy wordplay  but  what would happen if  they are out there and you manage to hire one for your project?  

Bosses and Recruiters make them out to be the ultimate heroes. But what are they really? Do you want one in your project team or on the company payroll? Lot's of caution should be taken when making the comparison of rock stars to developers. Because people forget what rock stars do in the real world.  Let's take Rolling Stones The 10 Most Annoying Rock Star Behaviors and translate them

5 Things Your CMS is Missing

There are some important things missing from  the CMS running  your website. Missing features that will break your budget with future development costs.

You will find many of the most wanted developer  features found in the top content management systems in CCK.  But here are some features that you can only  find in CCK and no other PHP content management framework  in open source or commercial.

A Minimalist's View of Open Source CMS Software

When something is simple, it’s possible to understand it in fullness. When you understand something, you can trust it. Simplicity comes with trying to do less of everything less is often better. In mathematics, physics, and arts, simplifying and shedding every bit of complexity and redundancy have produced remarkable results. It leads to abstraction, elevates expressiveness, and reveals patterns that are otherwise buried in details.

Separate Content, Presentation and Business logic

I have seen some absolutely terrible and incorrect explanations of  web application layer separation. Most of them are illogical and filled with mixed ideas due to semantics and trendy terminology used by "gurus".  Many are propagated by lack of  knowledge and understanding of PHP, the most popular server-side language for the web today.  The design and architecture of open source content management systems is also responsible since they are how many get their start in web development.

Drupal vs. Wordpress: Time for a CMS Disrupt

To understand the state of the open source CMS market and it's imminent disruption.  It's necessary to be deprogrammed  from over a decade of marketing magic and an organized belief system pushed by open source communities. To do this it is necessary to have an open dialog. This in itself is difficult to do with those that have become a part of systems that are designed to obfuscate. Many of the harsh realities that need and should be discussed are covered  up by the communities members.

It is only after leaving the communities that one can be truly objective. In this short dialogue there is a blue pill situation.

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