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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

5 Things Your CMS is Missing

There are some important things missing from  the CMS running  your website. Missing features that will break your budget with future development costs.

You will find many of the most wanted developer  features found in the top content management systems in CCK.  But here are some features that you can only  find in CCK and no other PHP content management framework  in open source or commercial.

The database can be scaled horizontally very easily. The database scalability is handled via innovative Sharding which is unique for content management systems and frameworks. Replicating the data and creating new instances makes it easy to increase availability and  performance consistency. The system uses unique identifiers for content which to track content across instances and networks.

Load balancing on Multiple Servers
Because of it's scalability features load balancing with CCK is simple regardless of  the chosen datastore.  Use  the default  SQLite database or switch to MySQL even NoSQL databases are supported by the Content Connection Kits database design and system architecture.

JSON based content storage schema
CCK uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)  to store content. The benefit of this format comes in use-cases where you would have to integrate your app with other platforms. This Simplies queries  from API requests.

Total Separation 
Web application layers in CCK are separate. So much so that you can  remove presentation items without  loosing any content.

Framework Free
CCK is totally free and independant of javascript frameworks in its user interface. The UI is so well  thought out that it does need not need javascript to give a clear, fast  and easy user experience. It is not based on or dependant on any PHP framework or use libraries and components from an open source project.

System Integration
Import export of content  and integration to existing systems  is made easy as all CCK content is assigned a Unique Identifier. This system supports the separation of  business logic, presentation and content.

Hmm, okay 6 things and the list is growing!

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