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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Finding the Best PHP Hosting Available

In a previous post about PHP and how which verison that is used by a hosting company is the best judge of the quality of that hosting service.  I challenged the community to gather and use PHP versioning as a new metric for a points review system. To record and update the versions used by known hosting services.  Well it looks like Phil Sturgeon and a community of others can say "Challenge accepted!!"

5 Reasons that Learning Erlang is Hard

Why isn't Erlang more popular? The Erlang community is the last place with insight into why Erlang is not popular. Even with it's use by big names like Facebook and WhatsApp  Erlang remains a mystery to the greater percentage of web developers and programmers. Let's take a look at five good reasons for this mystery. Reasons that do not involve language syntax and functional programming.

Erlang is a great solution to many of the ailments of the internet. Note that I say Erlang is a great solution and not a great language. To become a great language the Erlang Community will have to embrace some things that it is not willing to do or is incapable of showing. The following is a list of the things that are strong in other language communities but are weak and missing for Erlang. If you are a devout part of the Erlang community please don't read this as what I am about to say can be considered flamebait ( inflammatory ). I hope though that it is taken more as constructive criticism. But it is necessary to show that the reason learning Erlang is hard is the fault of the community and not the language.

PHP7 Count Down to Final: RC 4

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.0.0 RC 4. This is the ninth pre-release of the new PHP 7 major series. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system.

PHP 7.0.0 RC 4 contains fixes for 22 reported bugs and over 100 commits with various improvements. The next scheduled  releases until a final and possibly production ready release.

Why and Where PHP Programmers Can Learn More about C and C++

In a previous post about  PHP and how much there is to learn about it beyond its typical uses. I talk about how to extend PHP with libraries written in C Language. As part of that talk the PHP-CPP framework is mentioned as a solution for simplifying development of PHP extensions in C++. But where is a PHP programmer to learn enough C++ to be dangerous?

How to Use Zend Framework 2 Forms in Another Script

I have been going back and forth on Zend Framework 2. First it helps me by providing some really robust code. The flip side of the coin is ZF2 makes me crazy because it's always explained terribly by classically educated computer scientist. Given that me and much of the PHP community are autodidacts this is a turn-off.

 I always can tell how useful a PHP framework is by trying to do what I learned first in PHP, building a HTML form. But when it came to ZF2  forms the documentation was missing and not one post or tutorial I could find gave a straight forward answer a to how things worked. What was worse no one gave working code for using ZF2 as a library used by another simple PHP script. Trying to get this done simply and without Zends MVC in place seemed to be unattainable. This meant that ZF2 was not something I would use at first thought. That has changed now that I have this code working. This is a complete stand-alone class use of the Zend framework and only needs to be called.

Google Apps Script: How to Front Controller doGet()

Google Apps script standalone is a wonderful tool for the creation of cloud based web applications. But it has a limitation that many beginners to Google Apps consider a shortcoming in its implementation. This limitation is the that a web app can have only a two points of entry from a web browser.  These entries are the request types of GET and POST which are hard coded to the doGet() and doPost() functions of each web app.

In this short beginners tutorial you will see that Google has not limited you but actually helped you decide on using one of most common design patterns for web applications on the internet.

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