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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Number one reason for Gun Control in the U.S. -- people

Some say there is not one single answer to explain why gun violence occurs in office settings. In high-risk occupations and locations, the business is usually the target and an employee becomes victimized during the commission of a criminal act. In the office setting the targets are co-employees and supervisors irregardless of the nature of the business.

Even though workplace homicides in business offices only represent a small percentage of the total, it is disconcerting that we can no longer feel safe in an otherwise safe setting. What makes workers go on a rampage and start shooting fellow workers is too complex an issue for this single web page. However, most experts agree that the rage associated with the desire to kill fellow workers was probably detectable before the incident and was not adequately addressed either at home or on the job. But no expert will ever look to the simplest of answers which is, availability. People use whatever is available to them at the moment without knowing when that moment will happen.

While experts agree that there are "triggers" in the workplace that sometimes will seemingly push the unstable person over the edge. How a company handles the triggering event can make a difference in the escalation of a potentially violent situation. Common workplace triggers that might instigate violence are terminations, layoffs, bad performance evaluations, and believing they were passed over for promotion. It seems that it is the workplace triggering event that often brings the focus of the aggression against the employer rather than some other target. However, we have seen rampages where family, friends, and co-workers were all targeted as if in one clean sweep.

Now imagine the man in the video with any type of automatic or semi-automatic firearm.

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