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When something is simple, it’s possible to understand it in fullness. When you understand something, you can trust it. This is why Phype focuses on essential features needed to build and grow a high quality website or web application. Software that is minimalist by design for less distractions to increase productivity and creativity.

What you gain with minimalist software.

The current trend of "does everything" web CMS's trade one set of complexities developing, extending, and updating software. Making scaling, security, distributing, supporting, synchronization, data portability, performance more difficult. Phype's unique minimalist architecture and design brings balance.
  • More flexibility More scalability, more performance without caching
  • Less memory. Less complication. Less cost.
  • No jquery, No ajax, No third party PHP frameworks, No Twig, No Yaml



To develop websites and applications using Phype a developer needs only a basic understanding of the following building blocks of the modern web.
  • PHP 5.4+  or PHP 7 (once released.)
  • SQLite3 (built into PHP)
  • MVC architecture
  • HTML5 (no javascript)
  • CSS3
Sticking to the basics means developers can spend more time building and less time reading hundreds of documentation pages. Phype's unique documentation system means that developers can write new documentation on the go. Take a look at some of the possibilites for creating.

Tour the Demo


After touring the demo you should know

What you saw in the Phype  minimalist demo is only part of the story.  After looking around you'll be asking yourself how does it do so much with so little code? The answer is found in the excellent system architecture and database design that are truly unique for a content management framework. These qualities set the Phype apart from any other CMF .



  • Time-Saving

    Use development time effectively building to your specifications. Stop researching and testing thousands of plugins or modules that don't meet your requirements.

    No need to waste time learning third-party technologies like Twig, Yaml, Jquery or removing functionality. Phype is not built on another PHP framework.
  • Cost Effective

    An understandable architecture saves on development costs. No need to hire experts in obscure, complex and complicated solutions .

    Using the most common capabilities and characteristics of PHP, browser supported CSS3 and HTML5. Makes for simple and rapid development.
  • Secure

    Security through minimalist software design and simplicity. Easy to build the features you need using knowledgable and trustworthy professional developers.

    Stop opening up your project to thousands of potential security risks by using extensions from anonymous third-parties.



  • PHP has everything

    PHP is a programming language for creating robust software. It is also a fantastic template tool. The PHP package contains SQLite a powerful datastore.
  • Html5 and CSS3

    Takes advantage of the latest HTML5 markup and forms. Uses CSS3 psuedo elements for a practical and intuitive user interface without javascript.
  • Content types

    Create as many content types as you need using custom made fields or any  of the almost thirty HTML5 input types Comes with examples of use.
  • Flexibility

    Build the features you need organically using the hooks system,  modules and templates without touching the content.
  • Unique Documentation system

    The inline documentation system let's user's read and developers write documentation on the fly while writing code.
  • Easy installation

    Installs using simple FTP. Compact size and a portable SQLite datastore makes deployment easy. 

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